Top Dutch Student Housing Websites Breakdown

Top Dutch Student Housing Websites Breakdown

When I first moved to Utrecht and started looking for housing I was simply overwhelmed with the amount of different student housing websites. Hence, I thought I would share my and my friends experience with different student housing websites with you. Here is a breakdown of the top 5 Dutch Student Housing Websites: How do they work? How much do they cost? Are they worth it? 

Types of student housing in the Netherlands

Before I will elaborate on the top Dutch student housing websites, I thought I would shortly explain to you what kind of housing you can expect when moving to Utrecht / the Netherlands as a student.

Source: Tenor.

Student House / Apartements 

One of the most common types of student housing in Utrecht are privately-owned student houses. These houses are rented out to three to six individuals. Depending on the house you might be living with just students or also young professionals. Usually, you will have your own room, often with your own sink and space for your bath stuff, and share the common areas such as kitchen, shower and toilet. The houses I have lived in did not have a common living room but instead, we had a large kitchen table where we would have house dinners together. So don’t be surprised if your house doesn’t come with a living room! 

Student Studios

Are you further along in your studies and are looking for a more private space? Utrecht has a limited amount of studios for master or PhD students available. However, these studios often come with a hefty price tag. Also, you might be expected to prove sufficient financial savings to cover rent for your contract length or have a guardian vouch for you. As the housing market in Utrecht is highly competitive, finding a studio will take both a lot of time and luck. Check out my previous post on different ways to find a studio in Utrecht!

Student Housing Cooperations

A popular way among students to find affordable housing is through the official student housing organisation SSH. The organisation has complexes and facilities across Utrecht, including directly on campus (de Uithof), centrally located and on the outskirts of town. The two big advantages of renting through SSH is that rent prices are rather cheap and you can contact SSH whenever you encounter difficulties, break something or have housing-related questions. However, the people with the longest registration period have the best chances to get invited for viewings. Hence, the sooner you register, the better! Here is more on how to register and how SSH works

Let me know if you want me to do a breakdown of the different SSH complexes of Utrecht in the comments. 

Dutch Student Housing Websites 

Here is my personal top 5 of Dutch student housing websites. Before you start browsing through them, please be aware that the housing market in Utrecht (or the Netherlands in general) is extremely competitive. It will most likely take some time to find the perfect match. But don’t get discouraged! it is out there somewhere!

Source: Tenor.


Registration: Free ; Premium: €19,- per 15 days or €30,- per month

Kamernet is easy to use and has a vast range of different student housing options. However, it is among the most expensive student housing websites. Although you can register and browse through the rooms for free, in order to send a message and apply for the room you need a premium membership. Further, it is an extremely popular website and competition is high. Rooms are often gone in the blink of an eye, which can be a disadvantage if you are an international student. If you do get an offer, make sure to get in touch with the landlord instead of just other people living in the accommodation. This decreases your risk of being scammed! 

Registration: Free

IamExpat is focused on international students and young professionals. It is free to register and apply for rooms – which is great! This student housing website has a great search engine and offers student housing all over the Netherlands. You can choose between a room, apartment or house to rent for both short- and long-term. Although offering a good range of rooms, the selection is not comparable to those of Kamernet or SSH. 


Price: €9,95 per month for 3-months, or €7.95 per month for 6-months

I would describe Eston as the Tinder of student housing websites in the Netherlands. When signing up you create a profile listing what you are looking for in a house, rent price, location etc., Esteon then provides you with a selection of possible matches on which you swipe right or left depending on your preferences. This will further improve the suggestions made for you. There are lots of rooms available. The Esteon app makes it hereby super easy to use and accessible directly on your phone. Another advantage: If the Esteon team is not able to find a housing match for you, you will get your money refunded!

Housing Anywhere

Registration: Free; Service fee: Approx. 25% of the first month’s rent (minimum of €150 and capped at €250)

Housing Anywhere is a global rental platform that connects you with landlords all around the world. I used Housing Anywhere for my first accommodation in Utrecht that I rented for two months to get settled and was quite satisfied with it. But I have heard mixed things about the platform: Some are extremely happy with their service, others found it overpriced and not worth the service fee. The pro is that the platform does enable you to directly chat with verified landlords and book securely online. Further, bookings come with the guarantee that if you found the accommodation in a different state then advertised and inform Housing Anywhere within 48hrs you receive a refund. 

Nido Student

Registration: Free

Nido Student is for all of you that are looking for a furnished studio in Utrecht. Nido Utrecht offers a limited amount of brand new, centrally-located, studio apartments for short-term (3 to 6 months) or long-term (min. 6 months). All studios come fully furnished with a double bed, wardrobe, study space, plenty of storage space, a bathroom and kitchenette all to yourself. This luxury obviously comes with a price tag: Studios are starting from €780.74/month. However, the big advantage is that you do not need to compete in a Hospiteeravond for the studio or risk falling for housing scams. Availability is extremely limited and not everyone qualifies. Check out here what they currently have available in Utrecht.

Good luck with your search!

Source: Tenor.

Finding student housing in Utrecht can be quite a challenge. Trust me I’ve been there many times. I hope this breakdown of student housing websites helped you to navigate through this housing jungle a little better. If you have any open questions or inspirations on what I aspect I should cover next feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me a message on the socials.  Also, check out the other posts of the Utrecht Housing Series for further clarification!

I wish you the best of luck with your search, my friend! 

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The Ultimate Student Housing Utrecht Guide

I have searched for housing all across the world and came to the following conclusion: Finding student housing in Utrecht is next level. Next level complicated. Next level expensive. Next level competitive. Next level frustrating. I hope this Utrecht Housing Series helps you navigate through the world of Utrecht Student Housing and ultimately find a new home in this beautiful city. Starting off with the ultimate guide on student housing in Utrecht: All helpful tips, tricks and links in one place.

The Ultimate Student Housing Utrecht Guide

Where to search for Student Housing in Utrecht?

#1 Ask your friends and family members

This is for all you people who have lived in the Netherlands before or have friends/family members living in the Netherlands: Ask them! Ask them to share it with their network on social media and keep an eye out for you. Maybe you get lucky and someone’s brother knows a guy that has a sister who moves out of her room.

This is probably the safest and cheapest way of finding student housing in Utrecht as you won’t encounter any hidden agency or website fees and are not competing for the room against other desperate students. However, I am aware that you probably belong to the same group that I belonged to when I first moved to Utrecht: no friends, no family, no connections. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered

#2 Register with official Student Housing Companies 

This is something I would recommend to everyone moving to the Netherlands as a student: Register with SSH. It’s Utrecht’s official student housing company with affordable, well-maintained student housing options all across Utrecht. They offer reserved accommodation for international and exchange students located directly on campus. However, these slots are often filled extremely quickly and only available for a maximum of 12 months. Sign up anyways, if you qualify! You never know if someone might cancel their reserved room or drop out early. 

If you are doing your entire degree in Utrecht (like me), you qualify for the regular SSH accommodation, which ranks from whole studios over rooms in large student complexes. However, the rule here is: Whoever is registered the longest gets a shot at the room. And yes, you are in the same pool as Dutch students who signed up while still in high school. I broke down how SSH works, The different complexes and options and how you increase your chances of getting the room in a separate post. Have a look!

Tuindorp-West Complex: One of many SSH student accommodations across Utrecht.

#3 Use a safe student housing website

No luck with the Facebook groups? Or want to be on the safer side? Try one of Utrecht’s many housing websites. The big advantage of these sites is that the risk of fraud is almost non-existent as thorough background checks ensure the legitimacy of uploaded rooms. The downside is that many of these pages are only available in Dutch and often require a membership fee on a monthly basis. 

Here are some websites I have looked for housing myself:

For a more specific breakdown of each site check out Part 2 of this Utrecht Student Housing series. 

#4 Join all possible Utrecht Student Housing Facebook Groups

Facebook pages have become a popular method to search for student housing in Utrecht. The advantage is that reacting to posts is entirely free and you won’t encounter any hidden fees either. The disadvantage, however, is that you will face a lot of competition as thousands of students are looking for their future dream home through these pages.

Nevertheless, here is a selection of the top Student Housing groups that I would recommend you to join: 

Usually, these pages all worked according to the same principle: You react to a room you like with a comment and a PM to the house in which you tell a little about yourself. If they like you, you will receive an invite to a ‘Hospiteeravond’ during which you get to see the house and meet your flat mates. After the evening, they will reach out to you if you’ve got the room. A Hospiteeravond is quite a strange experience and it usually takes a few tries to get a positive response. To make it a little easier for you, I wrote an article on the Dutch phenomena of ‘hospis’ with some tips, tricks and personal experiences from countless strange hospis.

Important side note: ALWAYS insist on seeing the room before signing a contract or transferring the first payment. Unfortunately, I know a handful of people that fell for scammers and frauds. Even during these times, ask for a virtual viewing or a skype call!

#5 Stay with a guest or host family

Looking for a unique cultural experience? Not ready to live entirely alone yet? Staying with a host family in Utrecht is a great way to start your journey in the Netherlands and get to know the Dutch culture first hand. You will have your own private room in the family’s house and share facilities such as kitchen, bathroom and common areas with them. A possible website to get in touch with a guest family is Hospi Housing, which connects you with a selection of different families. You simply have a skype conversation with them and see if you are a match!

#6 Hire a Real Estate Agency 

So here’s the deal with real estate agencies: They are probably the most convenient and least stressful way to look for student housing in Utrecht. You will avoid attending hospis and have the guarantee that your room isn’t a scam. However, they are slightly more expensive and often require insight into your financial situation to guarantee rent payment safety. I would say this is a great option if you are moving to Utrecht with your partner and are looking for a larger apartment or studio.

Another important side note: Not too long ago the Dutch government released a law that bans agency costs. In other words, you cannot be charged a fee if you are renting a property through an agency. However, many agencies try to work their way around this regulation. So keep an eye out for it!

No luck at all? Look for Student Housing outside of Utrecht!

Struggle to find a room after weeks or months of searching? Trust me I’ve been there. If you can’t find anything in Utrecht have a look around in neighbouring towns. These rooms are often less expensive and easier to get. Many of the listed towns below are reachable by bike from Utrecht (embrace the Dutch biking culture!) or by public transport.

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Zeist
  • De Bilt
  • Amersfoort 
  • Bunnik 
  • Bilthoven
  • Houten

Have a look in the mentioned Facebook groups and websites for these towns. It might be a great alternative for your first year of studies until you are a little more settled, made some connections and are registered with SSH for a bit longer. I personally lived in Zeist and Amersfoort before finding student housing in Utrecht. Although sometimes annoying, I was still able to enjoy the Utrecht student life fully. 

A few useful links to support you in finding Student Housing in Utrecht

Unsure about the legalities of your rental agreement? Are you encountering problems with your landlord and are uncertain on how to proceed? Do you think your rental price is way above average? The team of Huurteam Utrecht provides your with legal advice and support:

Problems as an international student with your SSH short-time stay? The International Students Housing Assistance (ISHA) is a joint committee by three Utrecht student associations that supports you when you encounter difficulties with your SSH landlord or accommodation:

Don’t know if your rent is appropriate? Check it with Utrecht’s official rent price checker depending on your city district and room size:

In need of furniture but don’t want to buy everything from scratch? Simply rent furniture for the period you need it for with Student Furniture Holland:

Final words on Student Housing in Utrecht

Take it from someone who looked for a total of five student accommodations in Utrecht over the past four years: Student housing in Utrecht is a nightmare. It will most likely take you a few weeks (or months) to find something suitable and affordable. I had friends who slept on couches or in garages for weeks or who paid enormous amounts of money for a shoebox of a room. However, there is a silver lining: Once you have found a room and settled down in Utrecht, this city will make your student years unforgettable! 

Do you still have questions on student housing in Utrecht? Check out the other parts of this series on Student Housing Websites, the best student housing districts of Utrecht and the cultural phenomena of participating in a Hospitieeravond. Also, feel free to ask your questions in the comments and I will try my best to answer them.

Good luck, my friend! ♡

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A love letter to New Zealand

Dear Aotearoa,

I find myself sitting here, oceans away from you – not able to forget your rolling green hills, your snow-kissed mountains, your lakes so clear and deep. Not able to forget the kindness with which you welcomed me into your arms – the pureness of your soul that captivated my heart – the joy with which you intoxicated me till this very day.

I went to wave goodbye to the spirits departing from your lands – connected with the divine by getting back in touch with the roots of life – understood that balance from within can only be achieved as balance of the whole. I flew through the skies and dived down cliffs – embracing the thrill of being alive. I said prayers to your gods of rivers, woods and mountain tops – meeting the guardians of your wild yet fragile body – venturing across your lands tangled in stars of the clearest skies.

You swallowed me whole and I got lost in your beauty – I got lost in the dream of being close to you -the dream of a life with you – the dream of a home. You swallowed me whole and I tried to hold on to you – hold on to your magnificence – your loving heart – your arms that held me so tight. But you never stand still. You are constantly erupting, evolving, reshaping – beauty and destruction only a heartbeat apart. Nothing lasts.

I left.

You send me off with tears like summer rain. Making me stop one last time to breath you in – feel you on my skin – remember what you taught me. Lessons about love and loss. About friendship that turns into sisterhood. About challenges that turn into routines. About adventures that turn into comfort zones. And that’s when I understood. And I smiled – about that last lesson you taught me. Let go and move on – but don’t forget.

I find myself sitting here, oceans away from you – smiling about the memories we have made and the heart-broke you caused. Ready to fly again – ready to get swallowed by new ready to fall in love with the adventure of being lost. I love you.

Kia ora. Lara.

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