My name is Lara and I’m not sure who I am. However, I am sure about what I love:  Art and Travel.

Lara Ehmler
Me & my best buddy


Art affected my life from the very beginning. My grandmother, an artist herself, always took me to exhibitions of all kind of different artists. You could say that I was kind of raised between the smell of colour and turpentine. Most of the time covered in glue, paper rests or different sorts of paint.  Until now, I still love to experiment with pictures, paint, and paper. Especially photography became more and more important in my life.

I realized pretty early that I wouldn’t become the female version of Andy Warhol or Pablo Picasso. Nevertheless, I found my own way to ‘produce art’, which is mainly by cooking, writing, taking photos and simply appreciating the world around us.


I was born in a small town near Frankfurt, Germany. I hated it. Now, don’t get me wrong: I love my family and my friends. I enjoyed every single minute of being a teenager in one of the biggest (and coolest!) cities in Germany. But the moment I graduated from High School and had the chance to do a gap year abroad, nothing could hold me back. I spent a year drinking coffee in Melbourne, tanning on the beaches in Thailand, teaching English to children on Bali and jumping out of planes in New Zealand. I met amazing people, found a place to call home, got my heart broken and learned how to move on.

If I found myself during that time?!

Well, I’m not Julia Roberts.  BUT I learned a lot about responsibility, different cultures, personal limits and being happy even if your world falls apart.

After all this, I couldn’t go back to Frankfurt. So, I moved abroad. And then again. And again.

© Copyright 2017. Lara-Marie Ehmler. All rights reserved.

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