A love letter to New Zealand

Dear Aotearoa,

I find myself sitting here, oceans away from you – not able to forget your rolling green hills, your snow-kissed mountains, your lakes so clear and deep. Not able to forget the kindness with which you welcomed me into your arms – the pureness of your soul that captivated my heart – the joy with which you intoxicated me till this very day.

I went to wave goodbye to the spirits departing from your lands – connected with the divine by getting back in touch with the roots of life – understood that balance from within can only be achieved as balance of the whole. I flew through the skies and dived down cliffs – embracing the thrill of being alive. I said prayers to your gods of rivers, woods and mountain tops – meeting the guardians of your wild yet fragile body – venturing across your lands tangled in stars of the clearest skies.

You swallowed me whole and I got lost in your beauty – I got lost in the dream of being close to you -the dream of a life with you – the dream of a home. You swallowed me whole and I tried to hold on to you – hold on to your magnificence – your loving heart – your arms that held me so tight. But you never stand still. You are constantly erupting, evolving, reshaping – beauty and destruction only a heartbeat apart. Nothing lasts.

I left.

You send me off with tears like summer rain. Making me stop one last time to breath you in – feel you on my skin – remember what you taught me. Lessons about love and loss. About friendship that turns into sisterhood. About challenges that turn into routines. About adventures that turn into comfort zones. And that’s when I understood. And I smiled – about that last lesson you taught me. Let go and move on – but don’t forget.

I find myself sitting here, oceans away from you – smiling about the memories we have made and the heart-broke you caused. Ready to fly again – ready to get swallowed by new ready to fall in love with the adventure of being lost. I love you.

Kia ora. Lara.

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Travel (and coffee) addicted German, who's trying to find a place in this world.

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