Graffiato: Taupō’s Hidden Treasures


Taupō Street Art Festival brings together some of the world’s best street artists to the town at New Zealand’s largest lake. The town’s laneways are full of vibrant hidden treasures that only wait to be discovered. So, I grabbed a coffee and went on a little treasure hunt!

Hey everybuuudy!

It’s been a while. But what can I say, the life of a travel agent intern is everything but uneventful. The past 5 months have been the most stressful, fun and rewarding ones of my life – by far. However, they left me with very little to no time to even look at this blog. Now, that I left Auckland to travel this beautiful country, I finally find the time again to do what I love (and dearly missed) – take photos and write stuff.

So, let’s kick off this blog – slash – travel journal – slash – photo collection – slash – nerdy history outlet – slash – collection of random thoughts. And what could be better than a post about street art in Taupo to do that?!

Street Art in Taupo

Every year, artists leave their lasting fingerprint on Taupo’s walls, making the town a true reflection of what is relevant in today’s global urban culture. The artworks range from fantasy worlds and dog portraits over vibrant patterns and traditional Maori illustrations – the diversity is astonishing!

No other place has such a rich collection of walls where you can see the breadth of talent and vision that resides within our country.  – Ross Liew, Curator

Here are some of my favourites that I discovered while walking through the laneways of Taupo.



I’ll try to step up my blogging game again while travelling through New Zealand. So watch this space!

xx Lara

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