There and back again!


There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after. – J. R. R. Tolkin

Heeey everybuuudy!

Let me tell you something: It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I moved to Auckland, New Zealand. Started my internship at Peterpans Adventure Travel. Climbed a dormant volcano. Caught my first wave. Build my own hobbit hole. And SO MUCH MORE.

As I’m not keeping a written travel journal (lazy me), I’ll try to capture a little part of this adventure on here. So, let’s dive into this first chapter of my Middle Earth adventure.

Financially responsible vs. living the dream

Do you know the feeling when you wake up with THE idea in your head? An idea you simply can’t let go off? Well, welcome to my life. Most of my decisions – big and small – are based upon those ‘dream bubbles’. The same counts for doing my University internship in New Zealand. After I applied to companies all across Europe (which would have been the financially responsible choice), trying to ignore the travel angle on my shoulder, I simply couldn’t resist it any longer. I sent a mail to Peterpans Adventure Travel, the very travel agency I used to travel to Australia and New Zealand 3 years ago. By any means, I didn’t expect them to be interested. But this way I could tell myself that I at least tried. Well, they were interested. And to be honest, after their offer, any other internship option seemed to have lost its relevance instantly. And what is financial security anyways compared to spending European winter in sunny Auckland?!

Long story short, I booked the flight.


My own Hobbit hole

I love my bed. This is a fact. However, sometimes someone got to make compromises if someone wants to live on the other side of the planet. So, I moved to a hostel – long term. You might think, how on earth can someone live in a shared 6-bed dorm room for as long as 5 months. Let me tell you something: I was quite skeptical before I arrived as well. BUT it was the best decision I ever made in terms of accommodation! Yes, privacy is limited. Yes, it’s a bit dirty sometimes. Yes, there are some really weird people out there. But I freaking LOVE IT.

“It was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort.”

In my first weeks, I did not only became good mates with my two roomies – Room 408 rocks – but also build myself my own little hobbit hole. Add some fairy lights and polaroids and every place becomes homier. Whenever I come home – yes I consider a hostel my home now – I have a mate to talk to, to cook with, to watch a movie with or to go out for a couple of drinks. And if I don’t feel like socialising after a long day at work (which barely ever happens haha), I simply make some microwave popcorn, cover my bed, switch on my lights and Netflix all niiiight long.

Building bucket lists since 1996

Now, a little more about the actual ‘reason’ I’m here: The Internship. What can I say, I bloody love it. It is challenging, social, fun and – most importantly – about a topic I’m truly passionate about. Travel. I don’t only get to talk about travel the entire day with people that are as passionate and keen to extend their horizons as I am but also get to help those people to make memories of a lifetime. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always all rainbow and unicorns. It’s hard work, long days and A LOT of information to remember. But iin the end of the day, I leave the shop more energetic and happy than I entered it in the morning. If that isn’t the point of working, I don’t know what is.

The last couple of weeks have been one big adventure – and I can’t wait what the next months have to offer. I’m going to try to catch up on some things I’ve been up to in the first couple of weeks to bring this blog up to date. But bear with me here as I’m not necessarily the most organized nor disciplined person…

Have the very best day! See yaaa later!

xx Lara

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