Marvellous Milan – A Budget Travel Guide

MILAN. What a wonderful place to be! Italy’s fashion capital has a lot more to offer than fine dining and high-end shopping. Even for budget travellers like you & me! Here are my personal Must-Do’s for a perfect weekend in Milan, including loads of food and sightseeing.

Where to stay?

I belong to those people who rather spend money on food and coffee than accommodation. That is why I usually stay in hostels. The Mio Hostel, which is located approx. 15 mins away from Milan central station (by metro), turned out to be the perfect option. It offers free breakfast AND dinner for only 20€ a night in a 6-bed dorm.  It is clean and the staff is friendly. Also, they have proper lockers in the room, for free! Definitely an excellent price-performance ratio! The only downside: There are no proper common areas, which makes it nearly impossible to meet other travellers. In my opinion, it is a great place to stay if you are just looking for a bed for the night!

A weekend in Milan

What to see?

The nice thing about Milan is that there is actually not a long list of must-sees. So, you can pretty much walk around randomly and discover your own personal favourite spots.

My Top 3 Things to Do in Milan

Top things to do in Milan
Duomo di Milano, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Il & Arco della Pace

Duomo di Milano and the world’s oldest shopping mall

Obviously, this belongs on every sightseeing list of Milan. The beauty of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the world’s oldest shopping mall, as well as the Duomo di Milano can’t be put into words. Personally, I think the best time to admire the cathedral and the area around it, is during the night. The lightning is spectacular and it is way less crowded than during the day.
One tip: If you should go during the daytime never, NEVER start taking pictures of other people. The stream of couples wanting you to take a picture of them is endless. Trust me. Just take your selfie and run for it.

Karl Lagerfeld Store – fashionistas and selfie drones

I accidentally visited Milan during fashion week, which turned out to be an amazing opportunity to watch all sorts of fashionistas pose in front of ‘Insta-worthy’ places. Absolutely hilarious!
While exploring the shopping district, we stumbled upon the Karl Lagerfeld store, which sells all sort of fancy design stuff. From posters over phone cases and drones up to Karl Lagerfeld dolls, this store has it all! I personally can’t afford anything in there but it is simply fun to look at all those gadgets!

Sempione – A place for architecture lovers

I think one of my highlights in Milan was Milan’s former city gate Porta Sempione, marked by the triumphal arch called Arco Della Pace (“Arch of peace”). The arch, itself, as well as the whole district,  are simply beautiful. So, just enter Sforzesco Castle, which is pretty cool as well, walk through the huge park until you reach the miniature version of Arc de Triomphe. From there turn left and simply get lost between Milan’s stunning houses!

A weekend in Milan

Where to eat?

Let’s talk about my two true passions: food and coffee. Trust me, if you love pizza, coffee and Gelato only half as much as I do, Milan is the place to be!

My Top 3 Food Places in Milan

Top 3 Food places Milan
Pizza, paninis, coffee and more paninis

Pizzeria Napulegna – Best pizza in Milan!

We discovered this place by accident but it turned out to be the best pizza we had during the trip (and we had pizza three nights in a row)! Thin, crispy and covered in cheese. What else could you ask for?!
Also, the location is perfect if you want to have a drink (or a couple) in a nice bar after dinner! Navigli is known for its canals and all night-bars, offering some of the best aperitifs. After our first fancy drink, we ended up in an Irish pub. Simply can’t resist a good old Guinness.

Paninis and espresso all day long

Apparently, the must thing to eat in Milan are paninis. They are everywhere!
The first day we ended up having lunch at Panini Durini, a franchise with several locations in Milan. I usually try to avoid those franchises but this one is definitely an exception!  The paninis are fresh, warm and simply delicious. Besides the wide range of paninis and pastry, they also serve amazing coffee! Perfect for a quick lunch in the centre or to take with you to a nearby spot in the sun.

Brekkie at Pavé

I love a good breakfast. Can’t help it. And Pavé definitely covers everything I dream about in terms of the perfect brekkie: fresh food, amazing coffee, stunning interior design, friendly staff and prices that fit my budget! This was for sure my personal highlight in Milan!
Highly recommend you to try the soy cappuccino, it tastes like a combination of coffee and vanilla pudding. Simply delicious!

In a nutshell: Go to Milan. Eat paninis. Drink espresso. Admire the architecture. Pretend to understand fashion. Take a selfie in front of the Duomo. Lay in the sun. Eat more paninis.

Lara's Happy Moments

P.S. Let me know what you thought about my first blog post! I’m thankful for all constructive feedback! Also, do you have any cool ideas for my next trip?

© Copyright 2017. Lara-Marie Ehmler. All rights reserved.

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