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Hey! What’s up? How’re you holding up during these times? Did you have a good laugh already today (not including *silent meme lols*)?

I’m Lara and I am a grounded travel addict – dash – expat graduate – dash – amateur plant-based chef – dash – mediocre rock climber – dash – someone who is just trying to figure out life on the go.

And this is my corner of the internet. Welcome ♡

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A Love Letter to
New Zealand

July 9 2020

I find myself sitting here, oceans away from you  – not able to forget your rolling green hills, your snow-kissed mountains, your lakes so clear and deep. 


Dazzling Dublin Docklands

Oct 19, 2018

Grab a coffee, put on your sunnies, and explore the vibrant Dublin Docklands on one of those beautiful clear autumn days. 

Road Trip through Scotland

August 12, 2018

You’re a beauty. The way you look, act and breathe. It swept me off my feed. I’m falling for you, with every fibre of my heart. Scotland, you’re a beauty.

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